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Faultfinder: Open and short circuit finder and tracer

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Article Number: 100425

Faultfinder: Open and short circuit finder and tracer

With the 100425 you can locate short circuits, broken wires and leakages. In addition, cable identification, cable testing, standard and special tests. Without much effort you will find broken wires under carpets, upholstery, linings, etc. This precision instrument consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Adjustable sensitivity for all tracing situations. This professional tool will work on all kinds of circuits with voltages between 6 and 42 Volt DC, such as those found in automobiles, trucks, trailers, tractors and boats.

Technical Specifications:


Indicators: Green LED for power on and Open circuits. Red LED for short circuits.

Power source: 9-volt alkaline battery.

Battery life: approx. 25 hrs.

Connector: Two 5 A alligator clamps with auto polarity and 18” long cable.


Sensitivity: Three user selectable sensitivity levels (low, medium and high).

Receiver probe: Flexible 8” gooseneck insulated steel probe.

Indicators: Green LED indicator for power on and open circuits. Red LED indicator for short circuits.
Variable flashing and modulated audible signal.

Power source: Standard 9-volt alkaline battery.

Battery Life: approx. 25 hrs.