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Facts about Ergonomic carpets

The demands for a better work environment are constantly increasing, and it is important that all employees have the best conditions to perform their work without having any wear and tear on the body.

Why should we have ergonomic rugs?

Ergonomics are becoming increasingly important, and we have seen this through an increased need for carpets. We do standing work on hard floors, we load our backs, legs and feet, and with an ergonomic mat we can facilitate everyday life and get more energy to do our work.

Rosén works today with a complete range of different types of carpets where the need determines which mat is the best fit.

Today it becomes more common for us to have high and lowerable office furniture, to stand up gives better posture and our backs feel better. We also have ergonomic rugs in the office, we have one assortment that fits the office.

In addition to standard assortment, we also manufacture customized, which means that you select the mat and we manufacture according to your dimensions.

In addition to standing on the right surface, we want to strike a beat for alternating standing / sitting, a mix is less tiring and you can last longer.


Dry environments

Dry environments can be shops around the cash register, warehouses with packing tables, industries where production is in dry environments such as the furniture industry.

Most Ergonomic carpets we have work in dry environments, a best seller is Classic Step  (an economy mat) which works great.

A cheap alternative that many people take home a roll of and cut themselves to the right length when a mat needs to be replaced. Alternatives are available in Plus Step  and Plus Step Extra , which is an rough variant.

PUR Step is Company Health's favorite and it fits well in dry environments.

We have several sizes in stock, if you want a special size then there is no problem. We produce the size you want.


Wet environments

Wet environments can be industries with different liquids. Lubricants, various oils and cutting fluids are means that must be taken into account when it comes to ergonomic rugs.

If you are unsure which mat is suitable you can ask for samples that you can test in your environment. It usually turns out after a week if the mat can handle your fluids.

Durk Step  is the carpet we sell most of, a really all-round rug that can handle most obstacles.

The carpet is customized to the customer's wishes and it is standard with rounded corners and beveled edge to counter triple risk.

Nitrile Step Bubble is the mat that can handle most of our rugs when it comes to tough liquids.

We always have about ten sizes in stock, if you want special it is no problem as it is cured to the desired size.

A cheaper alternative is our Dome Step , a standard size that you fit together to the desired length. 

Large areas

When it comes to larger environments to be covered, we have a few different variants. It can be around a station, in the garage or in the gym.

Stables and lots of industries can also be covered in applications, naturally it works for the smaller station as well. It is all rubber and can handle most liquids.

Ease Step and Solid Step are the same in their design, both 91x91cm, Ease Step is with holes for drainage while Solid Step is just as it sounds solid (dense).   

As an accessory there are edge moldings to put on, black or yellow, which reduces the trip risk and it is easy to drive up a trolley or similar.

Ring Step can also be put together, available in four basic sizes, which creates many possibilities. Assembled with couplings and can advantageously be lowered at entrances to stores.


Hairdressing rugs

The carpets eliminate and prevent most of the problems that arise in standing environments, this by forcing the muscular response which in turn increases blood circulation.

The Work Step hairdresser  is the mat with the best cushioning, and it is available in different designs.

But if you often want to use a chair, we do not recommend this mat type, but then Soft Step fits  better that you can get in the size you want, and different colors.

These hairdressing mats spare the strain on joints and skeletons, which also has inflammation prevention properties.

If you also want a nice mat at the checkout or at the shampoo, we recommend PUR Step  or Work Step

The carpets in the long term generate a more favorable working environment through reduced fatigue, increased productivity, a higher work ethic and also reduced sick leave. The carpet has bevelled edges to reduce trip risk


Office carpets

Today, more high and lowerable tables are sold more than ever. Ergonomic rugs are also needed in the office.

Here you will find rugs in different designs that make your day less difficult.

Today we have several variants you can choose from, the function is the same. read more about Work Step , Office Step and PUR Step .  


When it comes to checkout counters, longer reception tables may be in place with a Soft Step  or PUR Step .

Carpets we make according to your dimensions, which are very appreciated by those who use the carpet.

The list can be made long on where you can have ergonomic carpets and we have mentioned here the most common.

Read here what the Swedish Work Environment Authority recommends. Ergonomics in the workplace are becoming increasingly important.

The biggest development today is office furniture that is high and lowerable, just to be able to stand and stretch out the back, with the mat making hard floor surfaces more gentle on the back.

Slightly failing ergonomic mat causes the leg muscles to work easily to maintain balance, which increases blood circulation. Try to change positions frequently, switching between standing and sitting.