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UPA series back-pinning probes

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Article Number: 100516

UPA series back pinning probes

Back-pinning probes made out of nickel-plated brass, which is suited to contact, having a closed plug connection on the backside (cable let in) through the bushing or shrink hose.
That allows to measure plugged in service.
The back-pinning probes are compatible with all conventional banana plugs.
Suitable for contacting of control systems like injection nozzles, TPS- and MAP sensors and weather-pack-plugs.
Fits for 4 mm plug connections.
Comes in a practical plastic case with single separate boxes.

Useful addition to your measure accessories.

Scope of delivery:

  • 4 back-pinning probes (black, red, blue and orange),
  • Single packed 10 replacement needles
  • Replaceable needles: 0,7 mm nickle-plated brass
  • Including 10 replacement needles
  • 4 mm adapter for banana plugs
  • Fits for tension up to 30 volt
  • Plastic case with single separate boxes.