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Rosén Innovation´s Aircraft Chocks

About our aircraft chocks

100% for the environment. We do not follow development we lead it ... 

We aim to be the first choice when you are looking for a aircraft chocks supplier.

We have launched our new chock series called "GREENLINE" which is based on a completely new material where we use water as a blowing agent, and no other means that are on the REACH-list.

The material is stronger and can be reused 100% in new products that we produce in our machines.

There is no difference on the outside apart from that our logo is in large text on all the chocks, it is the logo that can be replaced with a customer unique logo as shown below.

aircraft chock with your own logo

Our customers can pack used products in a secure container and return it to us. We are responsible for the shipping from you. 

After that we granulate the products and make new ones, we use 90% old material and mix in 10% new polyurethane.

We are today the only manufacturer of aircraft chocks that thinks this way.

This is only the first step in our commitment to more environmentally friendly chocks 

We also expanded our range during the years. We now have 12 different models of chocks.

All the airplane chocks have some type of reflectivity, so that they are visible at night and not missed.

Safety must not be forgotten in the aviation industry.

One of our major advantages is that we have development, production and sales under the same roof, so we can offer a complete solution for everything we produce…

It also makes it easier to control the quality of the aircraft chocks so no bad chocks enter the airports. 

Safety and environment are two key priorities high on our list.

aircraft chock

Add-on option to tailor your own airplane chocks after your needs.

In order to increase the user-friendliness several different types of handles have been developed to fulfill various needs. All handles can be found on all models, which creates great opportunities and competitive advantage.  


A rope, with an interlaced reflex, is attached to the chock. As an additional option a ball can be mounted on the outer part of the rope, with this it will be easier to grip the rope even if the ramp operator wears gloves.


A rope, with an interlaced reflex, is attached to the product. The rope creates a loop which is easy to use, both during use, but also during storage as the block can be hung.  

Rope B 

A rope, with an interlaced reflex, is attached to both sides of the product which creates a grip-friendly  handle. Thanks to the lightweighted aircraft chocks in combination with the handle it is easy to place next to the wheelbase. 


An innovative aluminium handle runs through the product, which generates a lever and thus an increased user-friendliness. A reflex is placed on the outermost part of the handle in to further visualize the block if it would eel. The handle can be produced in different lengths.  

Handle and rope 

The advantages are the same as mentioned above, but for this option a rope runs through the handle.  

Extended throughout tube 

The reinforcing tube has on this model been extended, which generates an increased stability to the rope  which runs throughout the tube. The extended part of the tube is lined with reflex to expand the usefulness.  


The Twin Chock is available with two different options of straps, nylon strap or a reflex strap. The embedded strap serves as a locking system and guarantees a safe working environment when the aircraft or trolley is stationary. The strap is also interchangeable. Twin and handle To increase the product's user-friendliness and the locking function even further a rope, 1.2 m long and 1.5 cm thick, runs through both the aluminium handles and connects the blocks. In order to that it becomes even easier to handle and lock the aircraft chocks around the wheel. A reflex is placed on the outermost  part of the handle to further visualize the block if it would be placed behind a wheel. 

Ice studs 

Studs to improve grip and traction on slippery surface such as snow and ice is available as an option on all aircraft chocks. This add-on option massively increasing the performance of chocks in tougher winter conditions.  These studs are essential when snow and ice is present to ensure that vehicles are held securely in  position and that chocks are not pushed away.

aircraft chock

Save both staff, time and money

The reason is that our aircraft chocks can save both staff, time and money is because they are lighter, more durable and much more efficient.

It will reduce the cost of personal injury - back problems due to lifting and the problem of removing the wheel chock under high pressure from a fully loaded aircraft.

It saves time on the ramp and can be used several times before it is worn out.

The material in our aircraft chock is a super-strong two-component polyurethane, which we now are able to reuse, for new products.



The stop block can withstand 100 degrees celsius and above which are crucial for warmer climates.


The number one aircraft chocks supplier! Made in Sweden.