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Aircraft Chocks Lightweight

Aircraft chocks 

Rosen Innovation AB, formerly known as Mark Trade Innovation, is a family business that was originally founded in 1981. The company has been working on development and manufacturing lifting blocks for cars in polyurethane since then, with customers all over the world. In 1990, we started our development of  aircraft chocks for large aircrafts as we understood how difficult it was for the ramp staff to use the conventional heavy-duty rubber chocks that were standard aircraft equipment. The development work was carried out together with the staff from Landvetters airport, Guthenburg, in Sweden, which also had to test the product carefully before it was approved. As a part of continuous improvement and development, Rosen Innovation AB has tested airplane chocks through a third party, AFRY. Test have been regarding the friction rate on four different surfaces, asphalt and concrete, both wet and dry. The test result was very positive for Rosen and the aviation industry, the friction rate was equal and, in some cases, even higher than aircraft chocks from competitors. Despite the weight of Rosens aircraft chocks are significantly lower.  Moreover the pulling force have been tested in purpose to promote and improve the working climate for ramp operators. According to ramp operators, GSE may in some cases be used to release chocks when human applied force is not enough. The results of the test show that Rosens innovative work is  bearing fruit and we are very satisfied with the results. Due to Rosen´s unique tilting of the chock in combination with the innovative handles, only a force of 0,5kN is needed. In comparison with some competitors chocks where a huge pulling force of 3,1 kN have been needed to remove the aircraft chocks. Which states that an extensive force needs to be applied vertically or by pulling. Through Rosen’s low pulling force, a better working climate is promoted for the ramp operators.

We sell to International Airports and Airlines. We also supply Multi-National Aircraft Handling Agents, FBO Executive Jet Operators and Helicopter Operators.

Greenline aircraft chocks more friendly for the environment 

Chocks series called "GREENLINE" which is based on a completely new material where we use water as a blowing agent, and no other material that are on the REACH-list. The end material is stronger than our previous one and is hundred percent recyclable. We proudly offer to take responsible for the recycling of your airplane chock, used products can be packed and shipped to us where we use the material to make new aircraft chocks. When producing new products, we use 90% old material, which are granulated products, and 10% new polyurethane. We are proudly the only manufacture on the market which offers this solution. And we are strongly confident that this will only be the first step in our commitment to produce environmentally friendly lifting blocks, aircraft chocks, helicopter chocks or other wheel chocks.

*The prices are standard prices, feel free to contact us for a quote, you can also get your own logo or your own color on the chock.

2 year warranty - Made in Sweden