Universal Lift blocks - Greenline lift blocks

The lifting blocks are made of PUR, (Polyurethane). 

PUR has small closed cells with air, which means that the lift blocks can withstand high pressure and then return to their original shape. Din Shore is a measure of hardness. Din Shore A is 65 to 85 for rubber, ie rubber is much harder and can easily cause damage to the body. Today's cars have both plastic and thin metal in the body, which makes it difficult to lift without damaging the body. The pressure surface is softer and forms to the body rather than the other way around. These PUR lifting blocks weigh 1/3 of the rubber blocks. Withstand all types of oils. The lifting blocks can withstand 600 kilos of pressure per cm².

Polyurethane lifting blocks but similar to rubber, approved for use by both professional workshops and private individuals. Fits all types of car lifts

Made in Sweden & 100% Recyclable

Lift pad Jack Pad 170 Greenline Lift pad Jack Pad 170 Greenline

Lift pad Jack Pad 170 GreenlineFor trolley jacks

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Lift pad MT 150x100 Greenline Lift pad MT 150x100 Greenline