Lift pads & Jack pads

Lifting protection for cars

Our lifting blocks are made of super-strong two-component polyurethane. 2-3 times lighter than traditional rubber pads.

Rosen Innovation manufactures and sells lifting covers that are 2-3 times lighter than conventional rubber pads. This makes it easier for the operator in his daily work and it also reduces the risk of pressure injuries.

Lifting protection for all areas

We manufacture many different lifting covers for both universal and standard use. Lifting covers, polymer blocks and stopping blocks for cars, forklifts and light trucks.

We also make polyurethane knee protectors to reduce strain on the knees during prolonged work.

Other benefits

- reduces the risk of pressure injuries

- won't slip off = safe lifting

- very durable

- resistant to all types of oils

Very strong.

The material of our lifting blocks is a two-component polyurethane. This makes the slings very durable. Also 100% reusable.

We also manufacture solid polyurethane lifting covers.

If you want very strong lifting blocks, we have our solid lifting blocks that can withstand very tough demands, used by car repair shops that have very high loads on their blocks.

Made in Sweden and 100% reusable

Lift pad Jack Pad 170 Greenline Lift pad Jack Pad 170 Greenline

Lift pad Jack Pad 170 GreenlineFor trolley jacks

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Lift pad MT 150x100 Greenline Lift pad MT 150x100 Greenline