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Rubber cloths - rubber mats

Our range of vibration damping includes rubber mats, rubber cloths, vibration plates.

Rubber mat or workplace mat on a running meter, in pieces or pre-measured?

Many of our rubber mats and workplace mats can be bought either in full roll, in customized variants or as finished pieces. If you buy a workplace mat or rubber mat that is custom-made, it comes with bevelled edges from the factory. A bevelled edge makes it easier to avoid tripping over the edge of the carpet when walking on it. If you instead want to customize your rubber mat or workplace mat to your own needs, there is the option to buy most variants on a roll instead. However, keep in mind that you do not have a beveled edge in that case!

Do you have questions or concerns about workplace mat or rubber mat?

Are you unsure of which type of rug is suitable for your particular business? Do not hesitate to contact us at Gerdmans, you can reach us by phone, chat or email. We are more than happy to help you with your questions