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Diesel/Gasonline Engine Tachometer

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Diesel/Gasoline Engine Tachometer

Advanced technology for measuring RPM in Diesel and gasoline engines without complicated or lengthy setups, it works with any engine equipped with an alternator.
Read RPM from the driver seat by connecting it to the cigarette lighter socket or from the engine bay by connecting directly to the battery. Select the number of cylinders and cycles for the engine.
Press the calibration button to start reading RPM within a few seconds.
The Diesel/Gasoline Engine Tachometer does not require direct contact or line of sight to rotating parts, or reflective tape like with opritcal tachometers, or mounting of special sensor or pickups, or other specialized equipment.

Technical data:

  • Engine cycles: 2 and 4 cycles
  • Number of cylinders: up to 12 cylinder
  • Range: 200 to 9999 RPM
  • Input voltage range: 9 to 42 V
  • Display: 4,5 digit LCD display

Range of delivery:

  • Tachometer
  • Hard carrying/storage case
  • Cigarette lighter socket connector cable
  • Battery connectors cable
  • Extension cable