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Ultrasonic Stethoscope

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Ultrasonic Stethoscope

The professional ultrasonic sound and leak detector has high sensitivity and LED display. It is suitable for inspecting and checking vacuum and compressed air leaks (e.g. compressed air and compressed gas installations), electrical systems (e.g. insulation failures, sparking and wiring), A/C systems and car gas systems, among others. It is also ideal for testing leaking tires. The ultrasonic sound and leak detector has an additional function for locating leaks and leaks on windshields and doors.
The scope of delivery includes the receiver for acoustic feedback with LED display and the ultrasonic transmitter for e.g. cracks in tanks and door seals for water ingress or wind noise in the vehicle. In addition, two anodized probes (air + contact).

  • High sensitivity and quality
  • Ideal for A/C leaks
  • Other applications: vacuum and compressed air leaks (compressed air/gas installation, etc.), electrical systems (insulation breakdown, arcing, relays, etc.), LPG system, tire leaks, tightness of passenger compartment etc.
  • Ultra visible LED bar

Kit includes:

  • A receiver for audio feedback (LED indicator)
  • Ultrasound transmitter (for container cracks, door seals, any air or water leaks within the vehicle, etc.)
  • 2 anodized probes: an air and a contact probe
  • Headphones and 9V batteries
  • Delivered in a nice and handy case