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PUR-Step ESD Black Workplace mat

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Ergonomic work mat- unbeaten durability and ergonomic relief.

ErgoBubble ESD bubble-shaped structure creates a failure that stimulates blood circulation, muscle function and reduces the load on the back and feet. The carpet’s wafer-patterned underside has a draining and ventilating function on the surface, which makes it very slip-resistant. The bevelled edges also reduce the trip risk.

ESD stands for Electro Static Discharge which means electrostatic discharge in Swedish. Static electricity arises through contact, friction and material separation. Man first senses a discharge at about 3,000 volts while the most sensitive components can be damaged or destroyed at only 20-50 volts.

ErgoBubble Nitrile ESD gives you protection against static electricity. If the floor at the workplace is ESD-protected, the carpet removes the charge via the floor, in other cases a ground contact (ESD cable + ground button) should be used to conduct electricity away.

Workplace mat for safe handling of ESD-sensitive electronics. Excellent as a basis for computer service.  The  mat can be customized in  all sizes.

Works with

ESD-sensitive electronics. Excellent to have as a basis for computer service


Can be ordered completely according to your own wishes.

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