Classic Step standing mat

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Price is for one meter (full roll is 18 meters)

Classic Step- ergonomic mat

ErgoClassic is a classic workplace mat made of soft vinyl that stimulates blood circulation in the feet while being ergonomic for the back, legs and hip. Suitable in dry environments such as stores, warehouses, assembly lines and more.

The carpet's construction of microcells and millions of air bubbles massages tired feet while providing a good ergonomic base for legs, back and hips. ErgoClassic also dampens some vibration and insulates against cold from the floor. The longitudinal sides are bevelled to reduce the risk of tripping and the rib-patterned surface layer provides good friction and anti-slip protection.

The carpet meets the R10 DIN 51130 slip protection standard.skid protection standard.

Works with

Dry environments, light industry, warehouses

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