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Solid Step ergonomic mat

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Solid Step ergonomic mat

  • Solid Step Nitrile is a modular mat that can handle most environments.
  • A durable rug with a tight and non-slip top.
  • Stable hubs on the underside lift the carpet, which means that it drains and ventilates against floors and liquid spills.
  • It has a very good unloading ability and a closed top that makes it easy to keep clean.
  • Easily built to the desired size with the modular system of 91x91cm, can also be supplemented with bevelled edges for reduced tripping risk.
  • The carpet is made of a special nitrile rubber compound, which makes it both heat-resistant and resistant to oils, greases and chemicals.

91×91 cm / Thickness 17mm

Works with

Tough Industrial Environments, etc.

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