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Wheel chocks for all types of aircrafts

100% for the environment

We do not follow trends, we lead it ...

Then we launch our new brakepad series called “GREENLINE” which is based on a completely new material where we use water as a blowing agent, and no other means available on the reach list.

The material is stronger than our previous one and can be reused to 100% in new products, which we produce in our machines.

There is no difference on the outside more than that our log is in big text on all the blocks, it is the log that can replace with a customer unique in that way.

Our large customers can pack used products in a container container 1185x 785x 800 and return it to us and we are responsible for the freight. After that we granulate the products and make new ones, we use 90% old material and mix in 10% new polyurethane.

We are today the only manufacturer of chocks that thinks this way.

This is only the first step in our commitment to environmentally friendly blocks

We have also expanded our range during the year so we now have 12 different models.

All models have some type of reflex, so that they are visible at night and not forgotten.


One of our major advantages is that we have development, manufacture and sales under the same roof, which means that we can see a complete solution to everything we do …


Aviation chock

Above you can see our new Mark III for large transport planes, 747 or A380, where you can also use the rope as a handle when moving it, by hooking it on the shaft.

The weight of the block is below 5kg (11 Ibs) it is 60cm (23.62 inch) long, normal

3-6 times lighter and better stop capacity.

Rosen Innovation supplies chocks that is 3-6 times lighter than the conventional rubber chocks, a very strong argument for the ramp personnel as tons of chock weight lifting can be avoided and lots of time spared.

Safety is also a major issue. Our chocks have better stop capacity than conventional rubber chocks, because they are more flexible and absorb the energy – the risk of tilting of the chock is reduced.

Airplane chock

All our chocks can be ordered with iron grip
for snow and ice.

The extension handle increases the leverage when removing the chock under pressure compared with the rubber chocks, to minimize the risk of stuck chocks.

The reflex on the extension handle makes it easier to see the chock at night, you can also choose Orange or Yellow bricks.

All our chocks can be ordered with iron grip for snow and ice.

Save both staff, time and money

The bottom line is that our chocks can save both personnel, time and money as they are lighter, more durable and highly efficient.

It will reduce cost for injuries of staff – back problems due to lifting and the problem of removing chocks under high wheel pressure.

It will save time on the ramp and can be used more times before it wears out.

The material in our chock is a superstrong two component Polyurethan, and can be reused to 100%

Chocks airoplanes


Chocks withstand heat 100 centigrade and over for warmer climates.

Made in Sweden

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