Detector Aktorius

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Detector Aktorius for measuring magnetic fields

To diagnose electronic car parts (actuator) very easily. Among others you can test: coil (conventional, double spark coil, single spark coil), electric generator, interior blast engine, duo valve (for heating, cooling water), valve for ADR-control (valve for exhaust gas regulation), injectors, ignition plug, hall effect sensor, relays.
Hold the detector over part that needs to get tested. An acoustic signal and glowing LEDs show if the part works well.

The detector’s top has two sides. Both sides „“ and „O“ have different sensitivity's – depending on the type of actuator.
To get a exact result hold the detector’s top over the coiled part of the actuator.

Additionally the detector is equipped with a power switch. Step ll is used for the regular use and step l can be used for parts that have strong magnetic fields.





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