Glow plug thread repair kit, 10-piece

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Article Number: 100880

This repair set is perfect for repairing a defective glow plug thread. The taps M8x1.00; M9x1.00; M10x1.00; M10x1.25 with a hexagonal drive are self-centering and can be used in the tightest of engine compartments. Cut the new thread with the tap and then screw in the thread insert in the direction of the thread while applying slight pressure.    

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 x Reamers 9 and 11 mm
  • 4 x Special taps
  • 4 x Assembly tools for inserting the threaded sleeves
  • 4 x Thread insert M8x1.00 short
  • 4 x Thread insert M8x1.00 long
  • 4 x Thread insert M9x1, 00
  • 4 x Thread insert M10x1, 00
  • 4 x Thread insert M10x1, 25