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ATF Filling Transmission Oil System 10.5l IN/OUT

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Article Number: 50066

Filling Transmission Oil System

This ATF Filling Transmission Oil System is suitable for filling gear oil in manual, automatic and DSG / dual clutch transmissions. The pump has a ring scale for reading the level. The liquid delivery takes place under pressure to obtain a smooth flow. The pump components are sealed against leakage of liquids. The collecting funnel with the collecting bottle serves to ensure that no ATF oil contaminates the fitter or the footwell when filling. A pressure gauge on the pump indicates the current pressure. In addition, there is a safety valve that can be used manually to release pressure. An on-off valve can also be used to control the flow. This set includes a quick release coupling, which allows the quick and easy change of the various ATF adapter.

Technical Data:

  • Capacity pump: 10,5 l
  • Pump size: 220 x 580 mm
  • Probe length: 1.000 mm each
  • Adapter material: metal/ chrome
  • Case size: 280 x 225 x 145 mm
  • Funnel-set- hose length: 1.500 mm
  • Funnel-set bottle: 400 ml
  • Filling hose length: 1.500 mm

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x 100753 Vacuum/Air Pump 10.5 l "MAGiC"
  • 1 x 100754 ATF Adapter Set "QUiCK"-Plug System
  • 1 x 990308 ATF Filling Hose Transmission Oil Complete
  • 1 x 990309 ATF Special Funnel Set with Bottle