Pressure Loss Tester Bensin/Diesel

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Pressure Loss Tester

The brassy instrument shows the percentage pressure loss of the cylinder.

The pressure loss tester has 1 precision manometer (pressure loss) NG 80 with rubber protection.

valuation of the measurement:

- pressure loss 3 to 5 per cent harmless

- pressure loss 10 to 15 per cent normal

- pressure loss 15 to 20 per cent depends on mileage acceptable

- pressure loss more than 25% repair possible

scope of delivery: pressure loss tester, test hoses with plug clutches, case

adapter row:

M10 x 1,00 mm for motorcycles

M12 x 1,25 mm for motorcycles

M14 x 1,25 and M18 x 1,5 mm

M24 x 2 mm for diesel motors

M12 x Uni-adapter with 7 mm drill for VW diesel motors,

M14 Uni-adapter for more valve motors