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Saver Compatible OBDII Vehicle

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Article Number: 100537

On-board voltage saver

The on-board voltage saver prevents the data loss that happens through the pinch off of the battery. The item provides the vehicle by both OBDll-port and cigarette lighter. For a constant energy supply the item should be connected to a 12V-battery.
The lightings will show the user if there is weak voltage, wrong connected poles and the right battery connection.
A fuse prevents against damage of the sensitive on-board electronics.


  • On-board voltage saver
  • Cigarette lighter adapter (contains fuse)

Application hint:

  • Even if the clamps are wrong connected to the supporting battery, your vehicle electronics will not be loaded.
    In the on-board voltage saver’s cycle its fuse prevents against possible damages through wrong application.

  • The cigarette lighter adapter’s fuse can be damaged of too high load (turning on vehicle lights, using central locking system). In that case the top of the cigarette lighter has to be screwed off and the fuse has to be replaced. After that you can screw on the top again.