MT 360x200x15 Universal liftpad

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Article Number: 834011

Hammering pad - gentle protection when correction of sheet damage. The block distributes the compressive force in connection with the direction of sheet damage. Can also be used as a universal protection to minimize pressure damage when using lifts. 

Although the pad is massively cast, it has a low weight, polyurethane weighs about two to three times less than traditional rubber. The pad has a high wear resistance and is resistant to all types of oils.

  • Perfect lifting block for low lifts available at rubber workshops, paint workshops etc., also lifts.
  • Soft and strong - no damage to the car body
  • Reduces the risk of pressure damage
  • Do not slip away = safe lifting
  • Light weight, rubber weighs about 2-3 times more
  • Very durable
  • Withstands all types of oils
  • The lifting block has a very large shape stability and a large pressure area of 1200cm2
  • say that with 1000 cm2 surface pressure it will be less than 2 kg per cm, in other words you can lift almost anywhere under the car

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