Super Platt "MAGIC/GRIP" vise liners

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Article Number: 83425

Super Platt – the plate with several applications. 

1 mm embedded sheet gives it a high formidable combination of hardness, rigidity and toughness. The material is elastic and thus protects from slight bruising and pressure marks. 

The ribbed surface generates a good grip capability and increased toughness and wear resistance ratio optimized to withstand high wear. Although the block is solid cast, it has a low weight, the polyurethane weighs about two to three times less than traditional rubber. The block has a high wear resistance and is resistant to all types of oils .

  • Soft vice protection and more
  • Lockable without damaging the object in superstrong 2K polyurethane
  • Sutes all vices easy to form into diffrent shapes
  • Excellent to set so that boat engines do not damage the boat when screwing it in the hull
  • Do not slip away

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