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MT 200x100x25 Universal liftpad solid polyurethane

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Article Number: 87431

Safe and easy handling.

Our best seller in the Klosswood range minimizes the risk of pressure damage

use of lifts. Thanks to its grooved top, friction increases equivalently

with the risk of slipping, which in turn generates safer lifting. Although

The block is solid molded it has a light weight, polyurethane weighs about two to three

times less than traditional rubber. The pad has a high wear resistance and is

resistant to all types of oils.

Buy 4 pay for 3

  • Reduces the risk of pressure damage
  • Do not slip away = safe lifting
  • Very durable
  • Withstands all types of oils
  • Universal lifting block
  • Polyurethane lifting blocks for scissor lifts, Double scissor lifts, Floor recessed lifts and 2-pillar lifts and 4-pillar lifts.

Polyurethane lifting pads stronger than rubber, if you want even stronger lifting pads that can withstand a pressure of 2-3 tons (can become pressure marks if it is a sharp edge)