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Speed bump '180' Long

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Article Number: 814

Speed bump '180' Long

Exterior: Vulcanised rubber

Assembly: Simplified assembly to concrete and asphalt with dedicated screws

Purpose: Traffic calming on roads with a speed limit of 10 to 25 km/h, especially in residential and industrial areas, car parks, around schools, etc. Used as a cable protection ramp

Colours: Black, red / reflective elements – yellow, white


  • Excellent visibility due to double reflective glass lens elements and 3M tape
  • Designed channels on the underside allow for the passage of cables and wires

SymbolLenght (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Fixing kitReflective Elements
"Long" 56 middle element1800300562243M tape + glass
"Long" 56 ending element
"Long" 75 middle element
1800300753443M tape + glass
"Long" 75 ending element

2,2kg - 34kg


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