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ATF Adapter Set "QUICK"-Plug System

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Article Number: 100754

ATF Adapter Set

The ATF adapter set 14pcs. "QUICK" plug-in system is suitable for filling transmission oil in manual, automatic and DSG/double clutch transmissions.

Suitable for our devices:

- 100753 Vacuum/pressure pump "MAGIC" 10,5 L

- 100449 Vacuum/pressure pump "Dracula" 18,0 L

By our free addition ("Adaption-Fremdfabrikat") an adaptation to foreign brands of gear oil filling devices is possible.

Technical data:

  • Adapter material: metal/chrome
  • Weight: 1,5 kg
  • Case dimension: 280 x 225 x 145 mm

Scope of delivery:

  • 14 x ATF adapter "Quick" plug-in system
  • 1 x ATF case

Free of charge for adaptation to other brands:

  • 1x ATF ball valve mini with plug-in nozzle
  • 1x ATF "Quick" coupling suitable for ATF "Quick" plug-in system