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Adapter case 6 "BremsPatent"

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Article Number: 100746

The adapter sets can be used universally. If the set is not compatible with a vehicle type, it is not necessary to buy a completely new adapter, but only to add individual components to the set. A variety of Vario slider sets and interchangeable sealing inserts are available for this purpose.

The adapter cases contain an aluminium adapter plate with two sliders, as well as two interchangeable sealing inserts with a brass plug nipple for DIN plug-in couplings.

This adapter set is suitable for Toyota, Civic, Avensis, Yaris and RAV4 III.

Scope of delivery:

- 1 x 100711 Brake adapter Vario change seal set 42 mm

- 1 x 100712 Brake adapter Vario changeable seal set W 42 mm

- 1 x 100715 Vario lock washer VA

- 1 x 100716 Vario knurled screw set VA

- 1 x 100717 Vario adapter plate anodised red

- 1 x 100719 Vario slider set 202

- 1 x 990220 Plastic case red