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Scope Probe 6 mm, 4-ways, 3 m

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Article Number: 100789

Scope Probe 6 mm

The 4-way endoscope camera probe has a diameter of 6 mm and is 3,000 mm long. With the joystick, the camera tip can be moved continuously in all directions, providing a 360° all-round view. This allows excellent visual inspection of areas that are difficult to access, such as engines and cavities of motor vehicles. The use of mirrors is unnecessary. The angle of view is approx. 110°. The image can be additionally optimized by the "Boost" function. Furthermore, the image can be rotated and the LED illumination (front and side) can be switched with the buttons. The probe is compatible with 100775 Pro3 and 100790 Pro3X.

Technical data:

  • 4-way camera optics, no mirror required
  • Resolution: VGA (640 x 480)
  • 360° all-round view
  • LED illumination: front, side
  • Probe diameter: 6 mm
  • Probe length: 3,000 mm
  • Field of view: approx. 110


  • Adjustment of the angle of view
  • Activation of the boost function
  • Image rotation
  • Switch illumination