Pur-step Dark grey working matt

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Ergonomic work mat- unbeaten durability and ergonomic relief. The work mat is made of 2k polyurethane which generates the highest material quality and thereby usable in most working environments. The mat has an excellent relief capability, thanks to its unique ergonomic design, which eliminates and prevents common problems encountered in standing environments. Through the ergonomic profile, which increases muscular response, it stimulates increased blood circulation and alertness, which in the long term reduces sick leaves, workers´ compensation and quality issues. The edges are bevelled in order to minimize the risk of tripping. The mat is fully recyclable.

  • Improve the working environment and well-being
  • Higher productivity and lower costs
  • Highest material quality in 2k polyurethane
  • Always in one piece, no overlap, no trip risk
  • Unique Ergonomic design
  • Silicon-, PVC- and latex-free, biocompatible
  • 5 year warranty
  • Temperature tolerance -40 to +70 degrees Celsius
  • Area of application slightly moist to dry environments

Works with

Office, industry, shops, warehouses, etc.


Available in Black and Dark Gray


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