Soft-step hairdresser Rectangle ergonomic mat

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Soft-step Hairdresser Rectangle

  • Your chair movs easy on this matt
  • Our ergonomic hairdressing mat, a specially designed relief mat is developed to fit optimally in a hairdressing environment.
  • The carpet reduces your load by as much as 40% in the feet, legs, hip and back every day!
  • Unique design gives ergonomic posture.
  • When standing on a hard floor you always have the balance concentrated to the heel area.
  • On the new Work-step hairdressing mat you get a very high quality soft surface where the load is absorbed more varied from the entire foot blade, which effectively reduces the load in your lower back and hip area.
  • Made with high quality foam to eliminate pressure and provide superior support.

A standing mat improves the working environment and well-being

Non-slip surface underneath to keep the mat firmly and securely in place


6,5 kg


1550x1200mm thicknes 11/19mm

Works with

Hairdresser, Barber, Shampoo, etc.