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Plate anchor Softdish in solid polyurethane Blue

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Article Number: 2006

Soft anchor made of polyurethane plate anchor that protects freeboard and floorboards and not least your legs from rope marks.

Softdish is a Swedish-made plate anchor that spares freeboard and tablecloths from scratch marks. Softdish is also well suited for inflatables where you do not want to risk tears & holes.


SoftDish has a cast iron and steel body coated with polyurethane, which makes it soft yet very durable. It attaches just as well as traditional plate anchors.

  • The anchor is manufactured in the colors blue and orange.
  • Available sizes are 3, 4, 6 and 8 kg.
  • Softdish is manufactured in Sweden

Recommended anchor weights

Weight boat
250 kg
3 kg
∅ 185 mm, Height 340 mm
500 kg
4 kg
∅ 200 mm, Height 360 mm
1000 kg
6 kg
∅ 225 mm, Height 380 mm
1500 kg
8 kg
∅ 240 mm, Height 400 mm

Available in weights 3/4/6/8 kg

Works with

Also suitable for rubber boat where you do not want to risk tears & holes.