MT 200x100x70 trippel liftpad

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Article Number: 87006

Three functions in one liftpad.
Minimizes the risk of pressure damage when using lifts. Thanks to its groove
on the upper side, friction increases equivalent to that the risk of slipping decreases which in its
turn generates safer lifting. Although the block is solid cast, it has a light weight,
polyurethane weighs about two to three times less than traditional rubber. The block has
A high abrasion resistance and resistant to all types of oils

  • Reduces the risk of pressure damagegrips
  • Do not slip away = safe lifting
  • Low weight, rubber weighs about 2-3 times more
  • Very durable
  • Withstand all kinds of oils
  • For scissor lifts, Double scissor lifts, Floor recessed lifts
    and 2-pillar lifts and 4-pillar lifts

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