Mark 1 Aircraft Chock with loop

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Mark 1 Aircraft Aircraft Chock with loop

  • Eliminates Foreign Object Damage (FOD)
  • Hangar chock, Business jet , GSE, Jet fighter 
  • Compliance with SAE AIR4905A standard
  • Withstands a pressure of 100 tons
  • Improves ramp operations
  • Weather and abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to aircraft fuels, oils, and lubricants
  • Will not rot, crack or splinter like wood
  • Two-component super strong polyurethane
  • Molded-in high-visibility yellow & orange colors
  • Light weight
  • 100% recyclable
  • 3 year warranty

Low weight and maximum performance for small aircrafts. 

Mark I Aircraft Chock is designed for smaller aircraft and helicopters. However, it works great as a hangar chock for all sizes of aircraft. The chock is made of durable, lightweight polyurethane. The material is resistant to extreme weather conditions, oils, propellants, as well as a high tear and abrasion resistance. Thanks to the material properties, the chock will never rot, crack or splint. Tests have shown that Mark I Aircraft chock tolerates more wheel pressure than conventional rubber chock. To increase the product´s user-friendliness a loop, with a interlaced reflex, is attached to the product. Thanks to the shape of the chock in combination with the loop, it is easy to place next to the wheelbase. The material is 100% recyclable.


1,2 [kg]


L: 300 W: 170 H: 70 [mm]

Works with

Hangar chock, Business jet , GSE, Jet fighter, High loaders, etc


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