Hygiene Step Nitrile 600x900mm

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Article Number: 6442

  • A nitrile mat that can handle most environments. A durable rug with non-slip top.
  • The Hygiene Step is made of a special nitrile rubber compound which makes it both heat resistant and resistant to oils, grease and chemicals.
    Hygiene Step Ideal for high hygiene requirements. Choose from four colors to be able to separate the mat and always have the same mat in one room.
  • The mat's thickness and high wear resistance withstand high loads and contribute to an ergonomic relief for feet, legs and back. The ring construction ensures high slip resistance.
  • The special nitrile rubber blend is both heat resistant and can withstand oil, grease and chemicals spills. This makes the carpet suitable for heavy industry, workshop environments and similar places.
  • Size 60x90cm

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