Multi Pad Universal liftpad

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Article Number: 83430

Multipad- soft and safe. This universal lift block minimizes pressure damage when using lifts. The block can advantageously be used for low lift. Thanks to the material’s high elasticity, any protentional damage to the rear body can be reduced. When using Mulitpad, the safety of lifting increases due to its material which has a high tensile and wear resistance. 

In the surface of the material there are small irregularities which result in increased friction, thereby reducing the risk of sliding and a safer lift can be executed. Although that the pad is massively mould, it has a low weight, polyurethane weighs about two to three times less than traditional rubber

  • Reduces the risk of pressure damages
  • Do not slip away = safe lifting
  • Low weight, rubber weighs about 2-3 times more
  • Very durable
  • Withstand all kinds of oils
  • Soft and strong
  • No damage on the car body
  • Has been on the market for 18 years

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