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Standalone and Modular Matting

- In superstrong two component Polyurethan , TPE or Synthetic leather

PUR STEP is an ergonomic product that we manufacture / adapt to your needs and specified sizes and dimensions.

Suitable for all dry environments in manufacturing / production such as assembly stations & production lines, etc. Public environments such as hotels, restaurants, airports, hospitals, health centers, dentists, shops, shops, schools, etc. Office like workplaces, desk counters, lab environments, larger areas.

Rosen Innovations Mats are designed to stimulate circulation in the feet, legs and lower back. Circulation is stimulated by an optimal balance between compression and resistance, which is crucial for achieving appropriate muscle stimulation.

Eliminate and prevent common problems that arise in standing environments by stimulating the body to increase blood circulation and alertness, reduce sick leave. By eliminating short-term fatigue and accumulated stresses that cause muscular stress injuries.

Avoid occupational injuries and workplace accidents
Improve the working environment and well-being
Higher productivity and lower costs

Product warranty 5 years


– Highest material quality in polyurethane
– Always in one piece, no overlap, no snap risk
– Unique Ergonomic Design
– Environmental friendly, produced without use of organic carbon-based blowing agents, therefore free of Freon
– Silicon, PVC and latex free, biocompatible
– Temperature resistance -40 to +80 degrees Celsius
– Application area slightly moist to dry environments
– Durability recyclable materials
– ESD and B1 options are possible
– All four sides have beveled edges to minimize tripping hazards
– Made in Sweden

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