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Return & complaint

Return Policy

The consumer’s right of withdrawal is governed by the Act on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises and current practice. In general, the Consumer has 14 calendar days’ right of withdrawal on all products. The consumer thus has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement by notifying Rosen Innovation of this within this deadline. For Products covered by the right of withdrawal, the Consumer may be obliged to replace Rosen Innovation for a Product’s depreciation in so far as it is because the Consumer has handled the Product to a greater extent than was necessary to determine its properties or function, which may be the case. if the Product is returned in used or damaged condition. The withdrawal period starts from the day the Consumer receives the Product. Rosen Innovation repays the purchased purchase amount no later than 14 calendar days after the return has been registered as received or the Consumer has shown that the Product has been returned.

In order to make use of the right of withdrawal, the Consumer must always contact Rosen Innovation before the Consumer returns a Product. The consumer understands that the Consumer, in order to use the right of withdrawal, no later than 14 calendar days from the date of the right of withdrawal, returns the regretted Product to Rosen Innovation. Unless the Product is returned within the prescribed time, the right of withdrawal will lapse.


When invoking the right of withdrawal and open purchase, the following applies:

Always contact customer service for information about where your return should be sent. Use the sent delivery note and note the reason for return when returning the product. You can easily get a new return slip from customer service if you need it. Your return must be sent to the following address:

Rosen Innovation AB (return)
Stuvaregatan 1


Contact customer service at +46 (0) 44 128800 or via if you have lost your return note.

The consumer has the right to investigate the goods before making a decision on possible return. The investigation should be done with caution and not more extensively than necessary.

When returning, the Consumer is responsible for the return shipping and return risk for the regretted Product, therefore it is important that the Product cannot be damaged during the return transport. The consumer is advised to return the undamaged product in undamaged original packaging with accompanying packaging.

To enable a possible return, the Consumer needs to be able to prove purchases and Rosen Innovation recommends that order confirmation and payment reference be saved as a receipt on the purchase. Rosen Innovation may charge the Consumer any extra costs that arise in case of non-complete returns, or do not accept the return.

Returns cannot be sent to Post advance payment. These are not retrieved.


All Products sold at are sold with a warranty right under applicable consumer law rules. In complaints cases, the Consumer must contact customer service as soon as possible on +46 (0) 44 128800 or via so that Rosen Innovation can rectify the error. In complaint cases, Rosen Innovation makes an investigation to determine whether errors exist. In cases where an item is replaced, it is the responsibility of the Consumer to return the wrong Product to Rosen Innovation. Upon an approved complaint, Rosen Innovation will send a shipping note to the Consumer for the return of the Product. A return that arises because of a complaint is paid by Rosen Innovation. Rosen Innovation has no opportunity to replace the cost of return freight in retrospect. In the event of a complaint, the Consumer is entitled to the penalties imposed by applicable consumer rules. The consumer is thus aware that Rosen Innovation has the right to primarily offer the Consumer remedial (ex repair) or reassignment if this can be done within a reasonable time and at no extra cost for the Consumer. If the fault is of significant importance to the Consumer, the Consumer has the right to cancel the purchase.

The consumer should save the order confirmation and receipt from their purchase because the document is required if the consumer needs to advertise the product.

Incorrectly picked and incorrect goods must not be mounted, used, then the buyer is considered to have approved their delivery. This does not apply, however, if circumstances mean that it is only when mounting that it can be seen that the product in question is incorrectly picked. In these cases, Rosen Innovation will rectify the error.

The consumer should not book the craftsman until control has been made that the correct Product has been delivered and that no damage has occurred during the delivery.

In the event of any visible or hidden damage, Rosen Innovation needs, if possible, photo documentation on the damage. This is to be able to handle the Consumer’s complaint remotely and help the consumer faster in his case.