Wide body Ice chock Orange

Instant grip on ice and snow for wide body aircrafts Length: 0.6 m (24”)

– Improves ramp operations – Saves time.

Easy to put in place – Easy to remove, even under high wheel pressure. The extension handle gives leverage for unproblematic removal of the Wide body chock.

User-friendly, can be stored upright – saves space.

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Low weight, only 4,4 kg (8,8 lb.) 


Length: 0.6 m (24”), width: 0.17 m (7”), height: 0.15 m (6”) 


Save time on the front wheels. Two blocks are assembled on one axle.


Tests has shown that the our Wide body Chock takes more wheel force than conventional rubber blocks. Due to the fact that the Wide body chock doesn’t roll under the wheel because of the flexibility of the materiel and its unique shape.  

Unique steel pattern plate gives a super grip on ice or snow. Always ready to use.

Day and night reflectors serving as a reminder to remove all chocks, making it easy to see a forgotten chock behind a wheel.  


Withstands a pressure of 200 tons, oil resistant 3 year of warranty. 


Airports around Sweden, Norway, Finland
Swedish airforce n°1 jet fighter Jas Gripen uses Mark I Chock

What our customers say

Kurt Mäki, Luftfartsverket, Sweden

""The Kiruna Airport is very satisfied with your chocks...especially the winter model Mark II Ice Chock. As you know we rebuilt all our chocks to the Mark II Ice Chock. A good example is NASA from the US. We have had NASA as a customer this winter in a big ozone research program. One of the aircrafts that were used was a rebuilt DC-8. In the winter theres a lot of snow and ice on the ground here (Kiruna is in the very North of Sweden north of the arctic circle). Their chocks did not work at all. They were built for summer conditions, but when they got a chance to borrow a couple of the Mark II Ice Chock their problems were solved. The NASA people was as a matter of fact impressed by the low weight and the way it kept the DC-8 stuck to the ground. Your man in the US are welcome to get in touch with me so that I can tell him the story on the phone.""
Kurt Mäki, Luftfartsverket, Sweden

Wide body Ice chock Orange

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