Twin Lift Block

Universal lifting block - Soft lifting and easy for operator

Perfect lifting block for low lifts found on rubber workshops, paintwork shops, etc., also body lifts with H ok

The block has a very large mold stability and a large pressure area of 1200cm2
say that using 1000cm2 surface pressure will then be less than 2kg per cm, in other words you can lift almost anywhere under the car, the blocks are joined with a strap easy to remove and hang up the blocks.


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Length: 300mm (12”), width: 170mm (6,7”), height: 65mm (2,6”)


0,9 kg (1.98 Ibs)


- reduces the risk of pressure damagegrips
- do not slip away = safe lifting
- low weight, rubber weighs about 2-3 times more
- very durable
- withstand all kinds of oils
-Soft and strong


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