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Carry All Chocks ( CAC ) whith Mark II

Whith Mark II chocks


The Idea
came by itself after years of struggling with the old type of chocks that was used at nose wheels at plane while stopped..

Back pains and Health injuries where a result of years with heavy lifting and manual baggage stowage and handling.

Also placing chocks under wheels during plane stops put a load on backs, Therefore CAC was developed.

CAC was sent to Sandefjord Airport Torp for assessment and evaluation. It was contracted an external physiotherapist from Redcord to study ground crews work and workday. (see attached report)

CAC can be adapted to every type of airplanes.

Chocks in Orange or Yellow colour


Available in two variants for Dash-8 (small car with four Mark II blocks) and for B737 (big car with two Mark II blocks)

Link to their website


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