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Environmental goals

Our goal is to always be ahead of our competitors, both in terms of environment, materials and technology. We do not have any material containing mercury, phthalates, lead or any other substance contained on the Reach list. We also have materials that are approved for the Swan labeling and furniture facts. We also have materials that are Biocompatible, we are proud of. We always strive to have as little environmental impact as possible in everything we do!

Our environmental responsibility that will permeate all our actions is:

To continuously develop and produce high quality polyurethane products with methods that are resource efficient and environmentally friendly.
Traceability actively contributes to a high level of circulation and recycling of raw materials.
To carry out training with current research and development in order to improve safety and environmental requirements for our business.
Prioritizing environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and suppliers based on our environmental requirements.
That our environmental policy and overall environmental goals are accessible to all.

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