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Delivery & Shipping

The consumer is responsible for all information that the Consumer reports to Rosen Innovation in connection with purchases, for example information about the delivery address. Rosen Innovation is not responsible for any problems (such as non-delivery or repayment) that may arise due to incorrect or inadequate information to Rosen Innovation. The consumer shall bear the additional costs that may arise in connection with the incorrect or defective information.

Shipping 59 SEK *

* Shipping to Norway or other countries the customer can directly see in the shopping cart what the freight costs with UPS.

* For products that are not bulky (bigger or heavier to ship). If the Consumer chooses the delivery method “Download in store” no shipping cost will be added. Your shipping cost for delivery to agent or displayed in the shopping cart and on your order confirmation.

* Bulky freight can for example be when needs arise to deliver with larger or heavier to shipping or home delivery.

Goods Letter – For smaller items that can be left in the mailbox.
Package – The products are sent to the nearest delivery point, either to the Rosen Innovation store or to the Freight Hunting agent depending on what the Consumer chose at the time of ordering. When the package is available for collection, an SMS is sent (if mobile number is specified when ordering) or e-mail with information about the shipping ID to the mobile phone number / e-mail indicated on the order. When picking up a shipment, a valid ID document must be presented and notification.

Package – Delivery to delivery point (Fraktjakt Agent)
The consumer’s package is primarily delivered to the nearest representative. If the package is bulky or weighs more than 20 kg, packages are delivered as home delivery. Please contact customer service at +46 (0) 44 128800 or via customer for more information.

When the Consumer receives a notification from the representative that the package is available for pick-up, the Consumer takes along the shipping number and identification. In the notification, it is stated to which agent the package has been delivered. The package remains with the agent for 14 days, then it is sent back to Rosen Innovation. Rosen Innovation reserves the right to change orders which, when packing, are too large to be delivered to agents. This order will then be delivered home to the registered delivery address.

Home delivery – Packages that do not correspond to the size of the agent
If the package is bulky or weighs more than 20 kg, packages are delivered to the consumer.

If the Consumer chooses the delivery method “Download in store” no shipping cost will be added. Your shipping cost for delivery to agent or home delivery is shown in the shopping cart and on your order confirmation.

Not received order and Unclaimed packages
If the Consumer is not available when unloading his order, this is charged for the costs incurred. This also applies to packages that are delivered to the delivery point and which have not been redeemed. If this happens, the Consumer may be charged a fee of SEK 299 for costs attributable to Rosen Innovation’s administration, freight, return freight and handling. Packages that have not been retrieved within 14 days are returned to Rosen Innovation. Unresolved packages are not covered by the right of withdrawal.

Delivery time
Delivery time for stocked goods is normally 1-4 calendar days (non-holiday Monday to Friday) from when Rosen Innovation has confirmed the Consumer’s order by e-mail. If the Consumer has not received a delivery notice, the Consumer should contact Rosen Innovation’s customer service on +46 (0) 44 128800 or via to ensure that there has been no error with the notification, for example.

Place your order no later than Monday 17/12 to receive your delivery before Christmas Eve. This only applies to stocked goods with an expected delivery time of 4 days.

Delivery Delays
In case of delivery delays, the consumer is always informed of these if possible. The consumer always has the right to complain of his purchase according to current consumer law rules if the Product is not received within the promised delivery time. Complaints of purchases must be made by the Consumer contacting Rosen Innovation’s customer service. The consumer, however, understands that there is no automatic right to cancel the purchase in the event of delays that Rosen innovation remedies within a reasonable time. In case of complaint due to Delayed delivery, the Consumer must prepare the Rosen innovation reasonable time to complete the purchase.

If cancellation is made, Rosen innovation will pay back the paid amount (less any reasonable costs or loss caused by the cancellation) no later than 14 days after the cancellation has been received.

Transport damage
Rosen innovation is responsible for Products that can be damaged or lost during transport to the Consumer. If damage during the transport should occur on the Product, the Consumer shall contact the customer service at Rosen Innovation at +46 (0) 44 128800 or via Rosen Innovation’s customer service assists the Consumer when requesting questions regarding transport and delivery. The consumer must report any transport damages to Rosen innovation as soon as the product is received. Visible transport damage must be reported immediately in connection with the delivery, since such damage is typically covered by the carrier’s liability where the period of complaint is usually very short. The consumer is therefore responsible for unpacking and inspecting the condition of the Product as soon as possible after receipt. The consumer must not use the damaged Product. The product’s packaging must be retained so that it can be inspected when handling the claim. The consumer stands for the risk of possible returns and all returns must be according to instruction from Rosen innovation.