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Common questions

Here we have gathered the most common questions and answers that we believe you as a customer want to know about Rosen Innovations e-commerce. If you do not find the answer to your question below you can of course contact our customer service at or by phone +46 (0) 44 128800.

Rosen Innovations Customer service

How do I contact Rosen Innovation’s customer service?

You can call us at +46 (0) 44 128800 Mon-Thu 0800-1600 Friday 0800-1300. Holidays and red days are closed by phone You can always contact us by mail, you can do this most easily via We will respond within 24 hours on weekdays.

Do you have a store I can visit?

Yes, you can visit our office, where we have most goods in stock Here

How do I order from Rosen Innovation?

You simply order your goods at First, search for the desired product and then click on it. Then click Buy. When you put the products you want in your shopping cart, click on the shopping basket icon that you find on the right in the top of the page. Now you are in the checkout where you choose the desired delivery method and click Finish purchase. You now proceed to payment and then the purchase is made and you will receive an order confirmation sent to the email address you specified.

If you are a new customer and feel unsure of how to order products, you are most welcome to contact our customer service and we will inform you about how to shop via our webshop.

How can I find out the status of my order?

When we receive your order, an order confirmation will be sent by e-mail with your order number. You enter this number in your communication with us if you have questions about your order.

When the goods are shipped from the warehouse you will receive a delivery confirmation from our partner shipping carrier. In the confirmation there is a link with tracking info where you can see the status of your delivery and see where the item is in the process.

Can I remove or change products at checkout?

Yes, before you make the purchase, you can always go back and make changes, delete existing ones or add new products to your shopping cart.

Can I supplement / change / cancel my order myself?

No, you cannot make changes online after you make a purchase. Should you steam your purchase, you always have a 14 day cancellation right. The withdrawal period starts from the day you received the product.

To undo a purchase, you first need to receive your product and then contact our customer service. Then you return the products that you do not want according to Rosen Innovation’s guidelines for returning products, which there is more information about in the section on Return & Complaints.

If you are unsure, please feel free to contact our customer service and we will assist you with your order.

Can I cancel my order?

If you contact our customer service, we can check how far your order has come in the process. If you can cancel your order, we will. It is important that you pick up your package so that you will not get a cost for unresolved packages.

I have trouble adding my order, why?

Please make sure that all the required information is filled in and that you meet the requirements that apply to the payment method you have chosen.

I have not received any order confirmation on my order, what do I do?

When you place an order, an order confirmation is automatically sent. Unfortunately, the confirmation ends up in the spam folder due to spam filters. Therefore, check if the confirmation may have ended up there. If you have not received it, you should contact our customer service immediately for assistance.

Can I buy products from you that are not shown on the website?

Please contact our customer service if you are interested in products other than those found in webshop.


What is included in the price of the products?

Prices are in Swedish kronor or Euro and are shown with or without VAT. Shipping costs are added and controlled by the weight of what you buy. Other expenses are costs for packages that are not collected (Euro 57).

What different payment options are available?

We offer you invoice payment, partial payment, bank card payment and direct payment in cooperation with Klarna. The payment solution is called Klarna Checkout and also PayPal.

Why don’t purchases with my bank card go through?

Make sure you have money in the account to which your card is linked and that your card is activated for online purchase. You can contact your bank for assistance with this.

Do you get a receipt for completed purchases?

Yes, your order confirmation sent to your email address serves as a receipt.

If you have not received an order confirmation to your e-mail address, we kindly ask you to contact our customer service immediately.


How much does the shipping cost?

It is always free shipping if you choose to collect your goods from us in Åhus. For goods shipped to you, a shipping fee will be added. The freight charge is specified on the product page and in the shopping basket.

We use freight rates starting at Euro 6. Shipping is governed by the weight of what you buy. The easiest way to see the price of shipping is to choose the goods you are interested in and put them in the shopping basket. Then click “To checkout”, where the shipping is automatically counted. Shipping is the same throughout Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Outside those countries, UPS is used.

How do I get my order delivered?

Smaller items, so-called goods letters are left in your mailbox. For packages up to 20 kg that are max. 150 cm long and not larger than 300 cm in length + circumference, delivery is to the nearest representative, who is a delivery point near your chosen delivery address.

Levereras varor utrikes?


How long is the delivery time?

Normal delivery time is 1-4 working days. Delivery does not take place during weekends or public holidays.

How does the delivery notification look?

Some packages cannot be delivered directly to your home, but delivered to the nearest delivery point where you can download the package. In these cases, you will receive a notification from the freight forwarder who delivers the shipment.

How long is the package left before I have to pick it up?

The package remains with the agent for 14 days, then it is sent back to Rosen Innovation.

How do I know that my package is available for fetch and where do I get it?

When the package is available for collection, an SMS is sent (if mobile number is stated when ordering), e-mail or by letter with information that the package can be retrieved from an agent. In the notification, it is stated to which agent the package has been delivered.

My product was transport damaged on receipt of the delivery, what do I do?

If a transport damage should occur, you must report this to Rosen Innovation and the transport company as soon as you receive your delivery. This applies to both visible and hidden injuries. Therefore, it is important that you carefully disassemble and inspect your products immediately after you receive the delivery. Note that the damaged product must not be used and that the packaging of the product must be retained so that it can be inspected when handling the claim. Depending on the extent of the damage, the product is replaced or a refund is made to you.

Return & complaint

Do I have the right to return the goods?

Extended cancellation during Christmas shopping. Orders placed before 31 / 12-2017 have a right of withdrawal until 14 / 1-2018.

Yes, in the case of e-commerce, we apply the law on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises and current practice, which gives you the right to regret your purchase if you notify customer service within 14 days of receiving the goods. In order to enable a possible return, you need to be able to prove your purchase and we recommend that order confirmation and payment reference be saved as a receipt on the purchase. When invoking the right of withdrawal and open purchase you are the customer of the return shipping.

If you want to use the right of withdrawal, you should always contact Rosen Innovation’s customer service before returning a product. Then we can give you further instructions and help.

* The right of withdrawal does not apply to manufacturing items

What applies to complaints cases?

Information about return & complaint

How do I do if I want to return an item?

Use the sent delivery note when returning. Note the reason for return. If the delivery note is lost, contact customer service on +46 (0) 44 128800 or via who sends a delivery note via e-mail. As a customer you are responsible for return shipping and the return risk for the regretted product (risk that includes the product being damaged or being lost during shipping). Undamped product should therefore be packaged well (we recommend in the same packaging as it was supplied). Rosen Innovation may charge you for any extra costs that arise in case of non-complete returns, or do not accept the return. Returns cannot be sent to Post advance payment. These are not retrieved.

We always strive to ensure that the products you order are delivered to you in full and according to your specifications. If, however, you receive an incorrect order, or if there is any other reason why you are not satisfied with your order, we will make sure to fix it in the best way. Contact our customer service who will help you with the matter.

My package was damaged on arrival, what do I do?

Report the transport damage to the freight agent directly in place by noting the damage on the consignment note before the delivery is acknowledged. Then you contact our customer service as soon as possible. It is good if you can document the damage with photo. If it is a hidden damage that is not visible until you have removed the packaging, the damage must be documented via photo and emailed to together with the order number and description of the damage.

It is also important that you save the packaging so that the damage can be inspected when handling the claim.

What does it mean for me to be able to complain about a product?

All products sold at are sold with a warranty right under applicable consumer law rules. Contact customer service immediately so Rosen Innovation will do a survey to determine whether errors are present. In the event of a complaint, you are entitled to the penalties imposed by applicable consumer rules. Rosen Innovation thus has the right to primarily offer remedial (ex repair) or reassignment if this can be done within reasonable time and at no extra cost to you. If the fault is of vital importance to you, you have the right to cancel the purchase.

Your order confirmation is valid as a basis for warranty claims. Therefore keep the document well.

How do I do if I want to complain about a product?

Contact our customer service as soon as possible so we can fix the error. In the event of any visible or hidden damage we need, to the extent possible, photo documentation of the damage. This is to be able to handle your complaint remotely and give you the help you need in your case faster. In cases where an item is replaced, it is the responsibility of the buyer to return the wrong goods to the seller. At an approved complaint, Rosen Innovation will send a shipping note for the return of the product. A return that arises because of a complaint is paid by Rosen Innovation.

What happens when a return is accepted?

Once your return has been accepted, a refund is made with the same payment method that you used at the time of purchase. This means that repayments can only be made to the same source that you used at the time of purchase.

When returning the complained products, the replacement product is sent to you at no extra cost, provided that the complaint is approved.


Does Rosen Innovation use cookies?

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