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Pur-pad kneepad ergonomic

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  • 14.00 EUR
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Article Number: 4136

Ergonomic knee pad - unbeatable durability and ergonomic relief. The work mat is made of 2k polyurethane which generates the highest material quality and thereby usable in most working environments.

The pad has an excellent relief capability, thanks to its unique ergonomic design, which eliminates and prevents common problems encountered in connection with kneeling work. As well as it insulates against heat and cold. The plate is fully recyclable. 

  • If you are tired of annoying knee protection in work clothes, try our knee patches!
  • Protects against cold & warm floors
  • Also works on floor grilles or the like
  • This product does not contain any traces of PVC or latex
  • The product is biocompatible

Dome Step

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Dome Step

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