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Ergonomic matts - Welding and cutting

Ergonomic Work Mat And Standing Mat

You do not have to choose between wearing jogging shoes or getting sore feet when you get up at work! A good ergonomic workplace mat / standing mat that distributes the load on the feet does wonders. Get yourself a useful habit at work. Move the chair, make room for a standing mat - use your standing table and feel better!

Resist dangerous sit-ups

Many sedentary hours in everyday life increase the risk of common public diseases. The risk increases that we will suffer from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Like onions on salmon, prolonged stress increases the risk of many of these diseases. But if you get up, your body will start producing the substances that cleanse the bloodstream of blood fats and blood sugar again. By standing up, you move continuously, and cardiovascular disease can be counteracted, it is wellness.


100.00 EUR
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Ring nitril step

11.00 EUR
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Weld Step

77.00 EUR
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Ring Step

0.90 EUR
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Dome Step

3.00 EUR
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Durk Step ESD

87.00 EUR
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Durk Step

70.00 EUR
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