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About us

Family business originally established back in 1981.

Rosén Innovation AB, previously named Mark Trade Innovation in Sweden, is a family business originally established back in 1981. The company has worked with development of light weight chocks since 1990, when Anders Rosén CEO first witnessed how hard it was for the ramp personnel to use the conventional heavy rubber chocks that was standard airport equipment.

On June 29, PurPartner AB bought Rosén Innovation AB and carry on in the same spirit as Anders Rosen, but we will put more focus on further development of new products and widen the reseller network globally.

Development, production and sales.

The target was to design a new chock that was safe, lighter and easier to handle. Especially when it came to removing a chock under high pressure from the wheel.

The development work was made together with personnel from Landvetter airport, that also got to test the product thoroughly before it was approved.

Rosén Innovation AB works with development, production and sales of light weight and safe chocks to the airports and aircraft industries.

Our products are made in Sweden.

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